A new epic journey between community and development

Greetings fellow Stellarians!

It has been a wonderful year journey for the Decentralized Stellar Gate community. We have progressed through many downfalls and continue to push forward with our project. I am pleased to now write our first dedicated Medium page. In all my lifetime I would have never thought of starting such an amazing project with talented people who believe in the same project!

Even though we are currently in development of an amazing community run game. I would like to dedicate this first Medium post as a way to also tell a little about our history and how we ended up where we are now.

It all began about a year ago. I was at a point in my life where everything was completely changed by the loss of a dear close family member. I realized that there was more to life than just studying. I had been studying for many years and completed competitions for NASA as well as doing a space academy. I realized I wanted to do my own projects with my own funding. I wanted to change the way we worked.

As I was searching for new things to do an explore and earn income, I came about crypto. Specifically one of the first tokens I bought was MANA. I have been a hardcore gamer for as long as I could remember and played such games like Star Craft when I was 6 years old and Diablo when I was about 11 or so. When I read the word MANA I said to myself…let me YOLO this token. I purchased some and then I realized I could purchase LAND so I decided to purchase it as well! Then began a journey with fellow artists from Decentraland such as Fractilians, Mitra, and Deep Thought. Together we laid a better thought process to the foundation of our first virtual gallery as Decentrafun.

The 3rd iteration of the Decentrafun gallery

After many months of doing small events and showcasing artwork. I decided it was time to expand. Therefore, I decided to build a bigger gallery, which called the museum, on a 1x3 LAND.

We continued to push forward to more events. It was so much fun to work with various artists and showcase their work on a big screen. We had various events such as tarot reading, concerts, DnD games and more. We used all this time to learn more about what we could do with blockchain and pushed forward entertainment for everyone.

During this period of time we also accepted metaverse build requests and were able to make some builds, avatars, and more.

Then in December 2021 we decided to push forward with a bigger ambition. This was to be the beginning of Stellar Gate and a change from Decentrafun to Stellar Gate.

Stellar Gate’s ambition is to develop an FPS cross RTS game that will enable players to participate in an interplanetary war against an invading species from a distant solar system.

The Stellar Gate community emblem

Now everyone asks…how did this idea came to be?

It all started about 7 to 8 years ago. I had a dream that repeated itself twice with vivid memories of a life in a probable future of our Solar System. In this dream, I was crew of a big space carrier vessel called Promethei Terra. I remember going through a big city that fostered many crew members and their families. It was almost as a small world within the ship. There were shops, places to relax, apartments, houses, green areas, steel areas, robots, and more. It was a sight to see. During this dream I remember parts of doing training with fellow co workers. We talked about the maintenance and security of small conducts that ran through the ship. I also remember dining with some or going to parties…it was crazy! My dreams sometimes get to be very detailed.

However, one day everything changed. I was on duty near a main gate that allowed for small transport ships to bring supplies to the city when suddenly we were all called to arms. Suddenly all elevators, trains, and corridors became filled with personnel scrambling to get to their positions and those who could carry a gun that were not part of intelligence had to move to the main gate port. As I ran to port, I remember seeing personal armor units being the first to be shipped to the main gate corridor via the vehicle tram system. Then suddenly a big explosion moved the entire ship. Sirens started going off everywhere around me. As I got to port, I was given a gun and told to head to a group that was forming under the lead of a lieutenant called Ransco.

As I walked up to him and met my fellow squad mates, we were told and I will never forget this…”We are currently being under attack by an unknown entity…if you get killed, at least you will die amongst your species (proceeded to laugh lol…what a troll).” Then, we got on the tram and proceeded to what would be one the most horrific moments of my entire life.

As we cleared many checkpoints, we finally arrived at a gate that opened to the massive cargo storage unit which was now filled with explosions everywhere. I saw the trace of bullets, bursts of light, blood, flames, pieces of metal, and more just fly all over the massive compartment. As we were told to move, I could see everyone was terrified. We all knew there was no way we would be able to push forward. I remember seeing mechanics deploying and keeping anti personnel turrets alive as they were being killed by what seemed some sort of green colored bursts of hot light. Desintegrating part of their bodies.

As I got into position to defend along with my squad an abandoned turret, I managed to see that not even the forward mechanized units were putting up a fight much. The personal armored units were being torn to shreds by what seemed some close quarters aliens that did not shoot but moved so fast it almost seemed as if they teleported for a brief second into another realm and came back…like cross dimension hopping. Even our newly formed sentient AI friends were being decimated. It brought me to tears that we were giving everything we had to defeat these creatures and we were just barely able to slow their advance but they still kept moving forward.

Terrified, our lieutenant gave the order of fire at will…to kill anything that was not a human, cyborg, or robot. So, we began to fire at these creatures. One by one my recently squad friends were killed. We were briefly joined by a sentient AI core which left some ammunition for us and sped with incredible speed into battle just to be destroyed moments later by a giant explosion…their main support robot was directly hit in the ammo cache which caused the entire unit to disappear before my eyes.

After firing and trying to stay alive, the entire ship ordered retreat. A new sound of retreat was blasted all over the corridors. Some of squad members and Ransco were still alive so we immediately went back. As I ran with all my strength to the gate defense. I encountered two of my best friends who were also running to the gate. However, to my demise, both got destroyed by this green hot light which disintegrated their flesh and left open their internal organs to be seen. I could only run and cry. I wanted everything to end.

The aliens were advancing and the gate was closing. The engineers seemed to have given the order to setup a defense position across the gate and immediately seal it. I thought I was going to die as I saw humans and our most advanced friendly machines be destroyed in one of the most catastrophic battles ever encountered by humankind. Then suddenly, as I was getting close to the gate, a heavy mechanized battalion of flying armored units called angels came through the gate.

We called them angels because the exhaust of particles from behind them formed wings that lit up the environment. Everyone, for a brief moment, became happy. We knew they would give them hell to the aliens. These were highly trained pilots accompanied by sentient AI machines that moved so fast and acquired targets with immense precision that your eyes sometimes could not keep up with them.

As I reached the tram and the gate began to close, I gave one last look back and saw even our angels fall from the sky…

Close resemblance to a personal armored unit code name angel

Well, I hope you liked this first Medium. Expect every Sunday a post from yours truly Hydraerozine! I expect to give more updates about our progress and maybe add some spice here and there.

Looking forward for our next post!



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